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Research Methods Information: Using Statistics

A comprehensive resource for faculty and students who are teaching and conducting research.


Getting Started


What is Statistics? Why Study Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of data.(1) As data collection becomes more prominent and frequent, statistics are necessary in order to analyze and interpret the data.


APUS Library Statistics Guide

Statistics LibGuide

For more comprehensive information on getting started with statistics. 

Statistics Glossaries and Quick Reference Sheets for Getting Started

(1) Statistics. (2016). In Helicon (Ed.), The Hutchinson unabridged encyclopedia with atlas and weather guide. Abington, UK: Helicon. Retrieved from

Which Stats Test | SAGE

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The SAGE "Which Stats Test" resource is a straightforward tool that helps you choose an appropriate statistical method.

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Data Analysis and Interpretation | SAGE


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The SAGE Data Analysis and Interpretation tool is designed to guide you through your research project.
Authored by David Byrne

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(The info pages are also available in PDF for download.)

General Reference Books: Statistical Analysis

Selected Books in the APUS Library