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Jennifer Douglas, PhD
Graduate Studies and Research

End of Program Assessment Manuals for Graduate Studies


The EOP Manual is the short-hand name for the End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies. In the past it has also been referred to as the APUS Thesis Manual and the Capstone Manual. The EOP Manual is used by graduate students and faculty only.

You should use the current (2019) manual.
If you are a student taking a capstone course that began in 2018, you may continue to use the 2018 manual. If you do not have a copy of it, you may request it by emailing Be sure to include your name, student ID, and course name and number.

If you have any questions about the policies or information provided in the EOP Manuals, contact

EOP Manual Download



End of Program Assessment Manual for Master's Programs

The End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Students (EOP Manual) establishes the guidelines for completion of all graduate-level end of program (EOP) graduation requirements. The intended audience for this manual are all members of the American Public University System (APUS) academic community, including students and faculty.

While it is intended to be a comprehensive overview of the general EOP requirements for APUS, students and faculty must follow any additional specific guidelines within their schools.

Download the 2019 EOP Manual for Master's Programs
(APUS login credentials required.)