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A guide to online Legal Studies and Paralegal Studies research for APUS faculty and students.


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About This Guide

Welcome to the Legal and Paralegal Studies Program Guide

This guide provides pointers for getting started with your research. It includes links to key resources.  If you are just getting started with legal research, it is often suggested that you begin with something that will give you background/an overview of your topic (called secondary sources) as these will usually mention primary sources of law like cases and statutes that you can then look to for more information.

To find background information, try a law review article or a report on your topic.

See: How do I search for law review articles?

Also try CRS Reports. These are Federal reports/ documents that are non-partisan and designed to provide an overview on a topic. They often provide extensive references to primary law and legislation. Search by topic, such as energy or veterans.

Library of Congress. Legal Research Reports by Topic

Once you have enough background and want to start looking for primary sources of law, try these links:


Key Legal Studies Resources

Legal Databases

Free Content

Legal Writing and Citation

APUS Legal Studies Videos

Legal Studies and Paralegal Studies at APUS

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