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Research Methods Information: Empirical Research

A comprehensive resource for faculty and students who are teaching and conducting research.

Empirical Research

What is Empirical Research?

What is Empirical Research?

Empirical research applies observation and experience as the main modes of gathering data.

Data collected is referred to as empirical evidence (which is then subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to answer empirical questions).

Characteristics of Empirical Studies:

  • Empirical studies are based on actual and objective observation or experimentation.
  • Articles that describe empirical research studies are published in scholarly or academic journals.
  • Many of these journals are peer-reviewed or refereed, meaning that experts in the field screen and review the articles prior to publication.
  • Empirical articles usually have 5 main sections and include a list of references:
    • Introduction, including a literature review
    • Methodology
    • Presentation of the results
    • Discussion and/or conclusion

Selected Books on Empirical Research

Selected Books in the APUS Library

Selected Journals on Empirical Research

Selected Journals in the APUS Library