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Research Methods Information: Getting Organized

A comprehensive resource for faculty and students who are teaching and conducting research.

Get Organized

Before You Begin, Organize!



A key part of doing research is organizing the entire project.

Taking the time right at the beginning of your research project to plan what you will be doing and how you can best carry that out. It will save you a lot of unnecessary worry and concern. Below are general information and links.  See also the Data Management section under this tab.


  • WHAT: First, figure out what are the requirements of your assignment/project.
  • WHEN: Organize your project, including setting a schedule with due dates.
  • WHERE: Plan where you will work and organize your workspace.
  • HOW: Consider how you will organize your research project including what technology you plan to use.

WHAT | Know What You Have To Do

student using computer

Know What You Have To Do

The first thing is to have a full grasp of exactly what is required in your research project.

WHEN | Organize Your Time

Day planner

Organize your time

You'll also want to organize your research project work schedule


Selected Books in the APUS Library

WHERE | Organize Your Workspace

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Plan where you will do your work

If you are deployed, doing double-duty as a parent who works, are a single parent, working in a small space, or do not have a permanent location for your research project, you are probably already skilled at having to find a smaller than ideal space to do your studying. 

Take some time to organize your workspace

When doing a research project, it will be more important than ever to keep your workspace neat and organized. Your goal from the outset is to make sure that everything you need is always there when you sit down to work.

Here are some ideas for keeping your materials and yourself organized.

Selected Books on Home Office Organization

HOW | Use Your Technology Successfully

computer setup

Use your technology

Organizing your computer files at the start will help you stay organized as you do your research.

Project Planner | SAGE


SAGE Project Planner banner

The SAGE Project Planner is a tutorial tool designed to guide you through your research project

Authored by David Byrne

(The info pages are also available in PDF for download.)