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Technical Help: Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for APUS students experiencing technical problems with the library.

Before You Troubleshoot:

First, be sure you're taking an authenticated route to the library's resources.

  • Use the Library link that is provided in your AMU or APU campus portal or on the left side of your classroom.  If you encounter a login screen, your AMU/APU ID and password should work.

Next, check the outage alerts Before troubleshooting, be sure that the problem isn't on the database provider's end.

If your problem persists, consult the tabs below to troubleshoot.  Please work through each tab (browser settings, login trouble, compatibility and software & add-ons) before reporting your problem to the library.  This will help the librarians rule out the more common causes of technical problems in the library (and fix your problem more quickly!).

Basic Library Troubleshooting Steps

The first three steps below resolve most problems encountered in the library.

1. Clear your browser's cache.   See instructions for different browsers at WikiHow and Google.

2. Try another browser.   If you use Internet Explorer or Safari, try downloading Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (both are free, and work well with the library's website and databases).

  • If you use Google Chrome and have problems accessing the Library link in your classroom, click here.

3. Make sure your browser is up to date.  You can check your browser here:

4. Turn cookies on.   See instructions for enabling cookies here.

5.  Turn off pop-up blocker.  Find instructions here.

6.  Reset security level. Click here for instructions.

7.  Allow the library and any problematic databases as trusted sites.  Click here for instructions.

Your student id and password should allow you to log in to the library's website or subscriptions.

  • This is the same login that you use to enter the AMU/APU campus or classroom. If you can't remember your student id or your password, click here.

If your student id and password are not working, please try:

  1. Clear your browser's cache.  This fixes most problems, so try it first.  Once you have done it, close your browser.  Then open a new window and try the proxied link again.
  2. Try another browser.   If you use Internet Explorer or Safari, try downloading Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (both are free).  Or, if you usually use Chrome, try Internet Explorer or Firefox (and so on). 
  3. If you have not reset your APUS student password in the past 90 days, you may need to do this before you can access library resources. 

If you have tried all of the suggestions above, and are still unable to log in, contact the library.  Be sure to let us know what link you clicked (your textbook, a library database, etc.) when you encountered the login page.  Also, to save time, mention that you have tried the suggestions above (so that we don't ask you to do them again). 

Databases (?)

Most database websites are built to work with a variety of current browsers and devices.   It's a good idea to regularly update your browser to the most recent version.  You can check your browser here:

However, if you are experiencing persistent problems with a database, take a moment to make sure your browser is compatible with the database site.   Browser requirements for a few of our most popular databases are below, but you can usually find this information by clicking a "help" or "support" link from within the database itself. 

Mac users:

Email the librarians if you can't find browser or device information for the database that you need.

Library Website (?)

The APUS Library website was tested using a variety of devices, browsers and operating systems. A responsive design was used, so the site automatically detects and displays either a desktop or mobile view based on resolution pixels.

If you need to update your browser or download an alternate, try these links:

To read many articles and most ebooks, you will need to be sure that your computer has a recent version of the following programs installed.  All are freely available.

If you have Norton Antivirus or another security program, add the library or database URL (http://...) to the program's "Allow" preferences.  Or, try temporarily disabling the security program while accessing the library or database.

If none of the basic troubleshooting steps solve your problem, please click here to fill out the library technical support request form. 

Note:  If you are living outside of the United States, using a military or government computer or experiencing problems with a textbook, please try the advanced troubleshooting tips before submitting a support request.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

If you are living outside of the United States, using a military or government computer or experiencing problems with a textbook, click here to access advanced troubleshooting tips.

Alternate Search Options

Don't fall behind on your research projects!   While your library access problems are being investigated, use the links below to find alternate research tools.