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*Natural Sciences | Program Guide: Websites

A guide to online library research for Natural Sciences students at APUS.

Explore Websites

The websites below were hand-picked by STEM librarians, and can be used for research or study.

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Internet Research: Tips for Science Students

Navigating the open web (via Google, for example) can be tricky: there is so much out there, and anyone can publish anything to the internet. How do you know what is worthy of citing in your college research projects? Find tips below:

Smithsonian Science News

Every day, Smithsonian scientists examine many of the world’s most complex and time-sensitive problems. Smithsonian Science News takes you beyond the bricks and mortar of the Smithsonian’s 19 museums and 9 research centers, to share with you the astounding and diverse scientific research being conducted by more than 500 Smithsonian scientists around the world.

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