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A guide to online Mathematics research for APUS faculty and students.


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Valerie Florez
Please feel free to contact me about electrical engineering, mathematics, space studies, and foreign languages.

About This Guide

Welcome to the Mathematics Program Guide

This guide provides pointers for getting started with your research. It includes links to key library subscription resources, including article databases, journals, and books, as well as open web content. If you would like additional help with your research projects, or with learning how to use library resources, don't hesitate to contact the library.

Key Resources

APA Style Guide

Mathematics uses the APA Style Guide

Access the APUS version here.

The complete APA style guide (7th edition) is currently not available in an institutional version from its publisher. This means we cannot license it for student use. You are free to purchase your own copy of the complete APA style guide directly from the bookseller of your choice.