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Welcome to the APUS ePress—home of ePress publications and the academic work of APUS students, staff, and faculty.

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To request permission to use APUS ePress material or to contact an author, please email APUS ePress.

Welcome to the APUS ePress!

The APUS ePress logo has the letter E with curved lines and the words "APUS Press" in blue.
The APUS ePress is an electronic publisher providing high-quality, innovative, digital material for the classroom and general open-access digital scholarship. Working in collaboration with Policy Studies Organization (PSO) and its subsidiary Westphalia Press, the ePress serves as a publishing partner for APUS faculty, some select outside scholars, and students wishing to produce and monographs/books and journals.




• Dr. Heather D. Thornton, professor of History, has published the book Beat the Drum Ecclesiastic: Gilbert Sheldon and the Settlement of Anglican Orthodoxy
• Dr. Lisa Miller, professor of Health Sciences, has produced The Hope for the Perfect People Leader
Please see our eBook Publications page for more information and how to access these titles!

Policy Studies Organization


The APUS ePress works in collaboration with the Policy Studies Organization. As indicated on the PSO website, "The PSO's publications are central to its dissemination of policy scholarship. Our academic journals, book series, and open access journals provide scholars, students, professionals, and all those interested in policy studies, a wide-ranging set of resources." See the links below for more details on the PSO publications:
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