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APUS ePress: Global Review

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Global Review is a student journal dedicated to topics relating to international relations. Articles are contributed by members of the Sigma Iota Rho Honors Society and editions are published annually.

APUS students and faculty can access issues of Global Review through the links below and by logging in with their credentials.

Current Issue

Cover 2013/2014 Global Review

Global Review Journal - 2013/2014 (Issue III)

The 2013/2014 issue of the Global Review is an expanded edition which includes information on the organization's history and a complete list of lectures sponsored by SIR GO. Papers cover a variety of topics, including unauthorized humanitarian intervention, the IRTPA and 9/11 Commission, fighting transnational crime, international law and human trafficking, the political situation in Egypt, Israel and Iran's nuclear relationship, the Honduran poet Roberto Sosa, China's commitment to foreign aid, and U.S. influence in the Syrian conflict.

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Past Issues

Global Review Journal - 2012 (Issue II)

The 2012 issue of Global Review includes topics on difficulties in the Congo River basin and hopeful trends in Asia. For intelligence fans, papers are included concerning open-source intelligence and its application to countries where the United States has no diplomatic mission or intelligence footprint.

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Global Review Journal - 2011 (Issue I)

In the inaugural Global Review issue, papers are compiled on topics ranging from the influence of New Media on state power to modernization of the Islamic world. Security issues relating to human rights violations and genocide are also discussed.

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