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Open Access Books

The cover of Vol. 1 of the World Literature Anthology has an ancient artwork of a woman in an ornate headdress.
In its commitment to provide openly available educational resources, APUS faculty and staff have created a number of course materials for classes. The topics range from writing and research to world literature and music appreciation.
APUS also released a history of the Big Yellow House, the historical building where the university has its headquarters in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Monographs & Course Textbooks

Introduction to Music Appreciation (MUSI200)

The cover of Introduction to Music Appreciation features a sepia-toned photo of a piano keyboard.

Introduction to Music Appreciation (MUSI200)

by Bethanie Hansen, David Whitehouse, and Cathy Silverman

Introduction to Music Appreciation is about listening, appreciating, understanding, and discussing music. It explores the history, aesthetics, and criticism of Western music for an enhanced understanding of the topic. Chapters include:
  1. Musical Elements, Critical Listening, and Course Overview
  2. Early Western Art Music
  3. The Baroque Era
  4. The Classical Era
  5. The Romantic Period
  6. Twentieth-Century Music
  7. Jazz
  8. Music of the World

Effectiveness in Writing (ENGL102)

The cover of Effectiveness in Writing features a student between two library shelves, reading a book.

Effectiveness in Writing (ENGL102)

by Helen Beth Driver, Natascha Gast, and Susan Lowman-Thomas

In Effectiveness in Writing, readers will learn how to evaluate and write argumentative essays and continue to develop and strengthen knowledge of research and citation. Chapters include:
  1. Introduction
  2. Developing Strong Research Techniques
  3. Constructing Credible Arguments, Reading Critically, and Writing Effectively
  4. Negotiating the Opposition and Using the Toulmin Method of Argumentation
  5. Using the Toulmin Method Continued, Creating Argumentative Claims, and Using Reliable Sources
  6. Using the Rogerian Method of Argumentation
  7. Using the Rogerian Method Continued
  8. Using the Middle Ground Method of Argumentation

Research, Analysis, and Writing (COLL300)

The cover of Research, Analysis, and Writing features a notepad and pencil.
Research, Analysis, and Writing (COLL300)

by Denise Snee, Kristin Houlton, and Nancy Heckel

Research, Analysis, and Writing explores the different stages of a research project, from defining an issue and developing a research question to creating an essay that incorporates critical sources. Chapters include:
  1. Writing and Research in the Academic Sphere
  2. Research Proposals and Thesis Statements
  3. Asking the Right Questions: Academic Honesty, Critical Thinking, Rhetorical Analysis, and Writing Surveys
  4. Critical Thinking, Source Evaluations, and Analyzing Academic Writing
  5. Using Materials from Sources
  6. Let the Writing Begin
  7. Drafts, Conclusions, and Abstracts
  8. It's Not Over 'til the Revising, Editing, & Proofreading Are

World Literature Anthology

The cover of Vol. 1 of the World Literature Anthology has an ancient artwork of a woman in an ornate headdress.

World Literature Anthology: Through the Renaissance

Edited by Linda Silva and William Overton

This anthology includes the following three volumes:
  • Volume One: Includes works from Ancient Greece and Rome, following heroes Odysseus, Achilles, and Aeneas.
  • Volume Two: Explores the folk tales of Africa, the mythical heroes of India, and the works of Confucius in Ancient China.
  • Volume Three: Uncovers adventures with the Knights of King Arthur's Courts and other medieval princes as well as Dante and his guide.

The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street

The cover of "The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street" features a black and white historical image of the house.

The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street

by Carl J. Post

The house at 111 West Congress Street is the current home of the American Public University System. However, 63 years ago it was the site of the first Charles Town General Hospital. The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street documents the rich history of one of the most influential buildings in Charles Town.
For supplemental information on The Big Yellow House and the history of Charles Town, see the first link below.
Our understanding of history changes and evolves.
We're happy to share new and additional information regarding the history of Charles Town and The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street.
If you have information you think would be pertinent to the history of Charles Town and The Big Yellow House, please email the ePress staff and we would be happy to share your additions on this page: uniiversityarchives@APUS.EDU.

Dr. Marshall Glen

Mary Ann Hammann, the daughter of Dr. Marshall Glen who is featured in The Big Yellow House on West Congress Street, graciously provided the ePress with additional information on her father. Below you will find her comments:
After an outstanding athletic career at West Virginia University, Elkins native Dr. Marshall Glenn, known better as “Little Sleepy,” returned to Morgantown as both the head football coach (1937-1939) and the head basketball coach (1934-1938). On New Year’s Day in El Paso, Texas, his Mountaineer football team beat heavily favored Texas Tech 7 – 6 in the 1938 Sun Bowl.
Following completion of the two year medical program at West Virginia University, Dr. Glenn enrolled in Rush Medical School at the University of Chicago where he graduated in 1939. He then went to Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan for his surgical residency.
In 1942 Dr. Glenn enlisted in the Navy Medical Corps and was commissioned a Lieutenant Junior Grade. He served at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Iowa Pre-Flight at Iowa City, and the El Centro Marine Base in California. He was assigned to the 1stMarine Division as a flight surgeon and served during the invasion of Peleliu Island. He remained as a Navy Flight Surgeon in the Marines until war’s end.
Dr. Glenn bought Dr. Abner Albin’s medical practice in 1939 and moved his family to Charles Town. The Glenn family lived in the house next to the hospital where Dr. Glenn also had his office. Eventually Dr. Glenn purchased a farm near Charles Town where in 1961 he developed a community golf course.
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