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Welcome to the Richard G. Trefry Archives

Welcome to the Richard G. Trefry Archives! The home to the University's historical records, collections, photographs, and publications. 

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Image of records and materials from the Trefry Archives.
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Image of periodical shelves at the Trefry Archives.
Image of the stacks at Trefry Archives.

What's New at the Archives

The Trefry Archives wants to hear from you and welcomes you to submit your experiences from throughout the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a shared experience felt throughout the APUS community and we would like to document and preserve your experience to show future generations how we all made it through.  

We are looking to collect a wide variety of from digital journal and diary entries, emails, photographs, videos, audio recordings, digital art or other digital means of documentation on how you have been affected by these historic events. 

The Archives has been actively preserving the University's official response to the global pandemic; however, we want to ensure that personal experiences and reactions from everyone in the APUS community is recorded in the permanent archives. All members of the campus community are invited and encouraged to participate. 

How to participate 

This unprecedented event has affected all aspects of life: personally, educationally, professionally, etc. It has been a huge impact on our everyday lives, and we want to make sure that impact is being preserved.  

The method of recording how the COVID-19 has impacted you is up to you. It can take the form of a journal entry, leaving a voice mail, saving your social media posts, a calendar of all your family's Zoom calls, taking photos and videos of life, or other ways of digital storytelling. Use your imagination! 

The Trefry Archives can accept just about any format you create, but if you need help or guidance, please feel free to reach out:  

We have created a Form to submit your items. The form includes an agreement that allows the University Archives to preserve your submission as well as includes important information about the copyright of submissions and use of your content. If your submissions include material from other people, such as an interview, photo, etc., we will also need their permission so that we can preserve and share those with future researchers. Those additional people either friends, family or community members, will also need to fill out forms as well. If we do not receive releases from all participants we cannot preserve the materials. Permissions can be revoked at any time by you upon request. 

Only one person will need to attach files to the form, co-creators or participants can simply fill in their personal information along with a description of the materials. 

The material that you submit will not be available to the public or the APUS community immediately. It all will need to be processed by the Trefry Archives and then be made available in our digital repository.   

If you have any questions, please reach out to the University Archivist, Justin McHenry


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Justin McHenry
111 W. Congress St.
Charles Town, WV 25414


We are dedicated to preserving history and your personal journey. As such please consider donating records and objects of historical importance to the Trefry Archives. Or if you need assistance with your own personal archiving endeavors, please feel free to reach out.