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Master's Capstone Theses

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APUS Master's Capstone Thesis Site

Since 1995 and the very first graduates from American Military University, students at APUS have been producing excellent research and work through capstone projects at the end of their graduate studies. Covering a wide range of subjects from Criminal Justice to Emergency and Disaster Management to Space Studies and all points in between, these exceptional theses showcase the breadth of studies taking place at APUS. 
Exceptional capstone projects—those designated as having been marked Passed with Distinction, recommended for posting by the instructor, program director, school dean, and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies, are eligible for posting in the APUS University Archives website.
Select a link at left to view those theses published within that specific program. If you are looking for a program that does not appear, there are currently no theses available.
For more information on Master's Capstone Theses, consult the APUS End of Program Assessment Manuals for Graduate Studies, below.
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